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Anthony Bourdain: Its impossible to see Gaza, for instance, the camps, the West Bank and not find yourself reeling with the ugliness of it all. The absolute failure of smart, presumably good-hearted people on both sides to find something/anything better than what we’ve arrived at. And the willingness of people to not see what is plainly apparent, right there, enormous and frankly, hideous. Unfortunately, we live in a world where it’s nearly impossible to even describe reality much less deal with it. It’s utterly heartbreaking. By Blogs of War: Anthony Bourdain talks travel, food and war

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Neneh Cherry just performed at Pitchfork Fest in what was apparently one of her first Stateside performances since like 1992. This song is 25 years old. It is probably older than half the attendees of the festival

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So we were sitting in class today



and my U.S. History teacher was trying to get us to understand why it was such a big deal that England had put a tax on colonial sugar, and he goes,

"What if you had to pay a tax every time you logged onto wifi?"

And the whole class just went


and I heard at least two people whisper “I would murder someone”

I will keep reblogging this in the name of historical science